The Birmingham Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

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Overview of the Birmingham Ansteys (Code ‘BI’)

The Birmingham Ansteys are a sub-branch of the Coleshill Ansteys, themselves a sub-branch of the Hampton in Arden Ansteys. The patriarchs of the Birmingham Ansteys are two brothers Samuel Anstey (BI 1) and John Anstey (BI 2).

Further Details on the Birmingham Ansteys

#1. Anstey Physical Training College at Edington, Birmingham was not named after this sub-branch, but after Rhoda Anstey (JU 16) of the Juryhayes Ansteys.

#2. Francis (Frank) Anstey who lived in St Thomas, Birmingham in the 1841 Census with his wife Charlotte and their one year old son James is patriarch of the Grand Rapids, Michigan Ansteys.

#3. A Robert Anstey (b 1754) was victualler of the Royal Oak, Charlbury from 1811 to 1822. He died in 1836, the ‘Oxford University and City Herald‘ 10 September 1836 edition “Died: On Sunday last aged 82, Mr Robert Anstey of the Royal Oak, Woodstock and formerly of Charlbury

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