The Hampton in Arden Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Hampton in Arden Ansteys

The Hampton in Arden Ansteys are likely the only surviving descendent sub-branch of the medieval Warwickshire Ansteys. The patriarch of the Hampton in Arden Ansteys is probably John Anstey who married in the parish in 1607, however the early pedigree is still somewhat tentative (with some guesswork) given the lack of detailed information currently available from that time.

It is possible that other Ansteys were in Hampton in Arden before this, though parish registers only commenced in c1600 in this parish. The ‘Staffordshire, Dioceses Of Lichfield And Coventry Wills And Probate 1521-1860‘ does have Hampton in Arden will entries as early as 1529, but no Ansteys, suggesting that John Anstey is indeed the patriarch.

The early Hampton in Arden Ansteys spent a lot of time in next door Balsall; unfortunately we cannot locate early parish registers from that parish, hence there are a few baptisms missing that we have had to “create” (those we have “created” have a ? next to them…the individual clearly existed but we don’t know for sure his/her parents and birth year).

It would also be very helpful if we could obtain details of a 1657 Warwickshire case “Ansty v Ansty plaintiffs Joseph Ansty and others defendants Mary Ansty and others” which is very likely pertaining to the early Hampton in Arden sub-branch, ‘Joseph’ being a relatively popular name in the Hampton in Arden Anstey family (National Archives reference ‘C 7/13/61’).

Anybody who can help improve the early Hampton in Arden pedigree, please contact us at

John Anstey (m 1607)

John Anstey married Joan Clark in Hampton in Arden in 1607 (as ‘Anstie’); his wife was buried in 1620 (“Joane Anstee, wife of John Anstee“, or perhaps this was his mother who was also married to a ‘John Anstey?) and John Anstey then remarried another ‘Joanne‘, for he had children in Hampton in Arden:

  • Mary Anstee (b 1622);
  • Bridgett Anstee (b 1624);
  • John Anstee (b 1626);
  • Thomas Anstee (b 1628, likely married Elizabeth Peabody in 1654 in Monks Kirby, both were resident in Wolston near Coventry at the time. Thomas Anstey died in Wolston in 1658 and Elizabeth Ansteywidow” was buried there in 1677);
  • James Anstee (b 1628);

John Anstey also likely had children:

  • William Anstey? (b c1610 at a guess);
  • Joanne Ansteye? (b c1620 at a guess, married Robert Philipes in 1644 in Hampton in Arden)

John Anstey (father) was buried in Hampton in Arden in 1628, the parish register stating “John Anstee [buried] a maryed man“.

William Anstey (b c1610?)

William Anstey (b c1610 at a guess) married Mary, at a guess in c1630, and they likely had children in Hampton in Arden:

  • William Anstey? (b c1630 at a guess, married Joanne in c1649 and had a son William Anstee (b 1649 Hampton in Arden));
  • Joseph Anstey? (b c1640 at a guess – see below);
  • Penelope Annestye (b 1641);
  • Mary Anstie (died 1643 in Hampton in Arden “daughter of William Anstie“);

Mary, wife of William Anstee” died in 1652 in Hampton in Arden.

John Anstee (b 1626)

John Anstee married Margaret Smyth in Hampton in Arden in 1652. They had children:

  • Margaret Anstee (b 1656);
  • Anne Anstee (b 1659);

Margaret Ansteewife of John Anstee” was buried in 1659 (presumably she died in childbirth because Anne‘s baptism was on the same day as her burial – 12 March 1659), so John Anstee remarried Mary and they had children:

  • John Anstie (b 1664, married Alice Mannie/Maurice in 1691 in Hampton in Arden – he was resident of Balsall at this time. They had children Mary Ansty (b 1692, married William Egles in Hampton in Arden in 1720 – she was resident of Balsall); John Ansty (b 1693 buried an infant); Ann Ansty (b 1695); John Ansty (b 1698, married Mary King in Hampton in Arden in 1727, he was resident of Balsall and Hampton in Arden at the time. They had children William Ansty (b 1727)). Alice Ansty (wife) was living in Balsall when she was buried in Hampton in Arden in 1730 “wife of John Ansty“);
  • Thomas Ansty (b 1667, married Elizabeth Cowper (died in Stoneleigh in 1727 “wife of Thomas Anstey“) in Curdsworth in 1697, where he was described as “resident of Stoneleigh“. They moved back to Stoneleigh where he was a “labourer” and had children Elizabeth Anstey (b 1700 mistranscribed as ‘Anstead’, married Thomas Watton in Stoneleigh in 1728); Mary Anstey (mistranscribed as ‘Anstead’, died 1727); Anne Anstey (b 1706); Esther Anstey (b 1714, married Solomon Swain in Stoneleigh in 1735); Thomas Ansty (died 1714 a young child); Joanna Anstey (b 1716 died an infant); Thomas Anstey (b 1718, married Catherine in c1740? and had sons Thomas Ansty (died 1745 Stivichall); John Ansty (bap 21 March 1748/9 St Nicholas, Warwick); and Thomas Ansty (b1751 Haseley “son of Thomas & Catherine Ansty” – see below)). Thomas Anstey (b 1667) died in Stoneleigh in 1736, leaving a will);
  • Joseph Anstie (b 1669, may have had a son Joseph who was buried in 1706 “son of Joseph Anstey“);

John Anstey married man” was buried in Hampton in Arden in 1680. By this time he was living in Balsall.

Joseph Anstey (b c1640)

We have pencilled in Joseph Anstey (b c1640?) as son of William Anstey (b c1610). Joseph Anstey married Elizabeth and had children in Hampton in Arden:

  • Ann Anstie (b 1671);
  • Mary Anstie (b 1673, died 1675);
  • William Anstie (b 1676, married Elizabeth Walker in 1701 in Hampton in Arden, he was living in Balsall at the time. They had children William Ansty (b 1702, probably married in Coventry in 1731 and 1734 – see the Coventry Anstey page); Elizabeth Anstey (b 1704, died an infant); Joseph Ansty (b 1709));
  • Elizabeth Ansty (b 1678);
  • Joseph Ansty Junior (b 1683 married Susanna Boston in 1699 in Hampton in Arden, he was living in Balsall at the time. They had children Margery Anstey (b 1700); Joseph Ansty (b 1701, died 1706); Susanna Ansty (b 1703); Samuel Anstey (b 1705 to father “Joseph Anstey Junr” – patriarch of the Coleshill Ansteys));
  • Susanna Ansty (b 1685, died an infant);
  • Samuel Ansty? (b 1685 at a guess, married Elizabeth Windmill in Hampton in Arden in 1704 – he was resident of both Balsall and Hampton in Arden at the time. They had children John Anstey (b 1705); Elizabeth Anstey (b 1707); Samuel Anstey (b 1710). Samuel Anstey was buried in 1730 in Hampton in Arden, he was resident of Balsall)

Certain members of this family were also closely linked to Berkswell, situated very close to Balsall. From the Berkswell parish registers we find the following:

  • 1725: Elizabeth Anstey married Thomas Kennon (this is probably Elizabeth (b 1707) above);
  • 1728: Joseph Ansty buried “a pauper” (this is probably Joseph Anstey Junior);
  • 1730: “Ann, daughter of Susannah Ansty a pauper” buried (this is probably a daughter of Susanna (b 1703) above);
  • 1736: “Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Ansty and Sarah of Balsall” baptised (this is probably Joseph (b 1709) above);
  • 1736: John Anstey (sometimes mistranscribed ‘Anstead’) “of Berkswell, bachelor of the age of 22 or thereabouts” married Hannah Crocket in Hampton in Arden (this is probably John (b 1705) above, despite the difference in age). They had a son John Ansty (b 1736 Hampton in Arden) who probably married in 1766 – see below.
  • 1738: Joseph Ansty buried;
  • 1742: William Ansty buried;
  • 1742: Elizabeth Ansty buried;
  • 1757: Joseph Ansteya weaver and spinster of Berkswell aged 23” married Mary Smith of Barston. They resided in Berkswell but had children baptised in both Berkswell and Hampton in Arden. This Joseph Anstey was certainly connected to “John Anstey, master weaver of Balsall” who took on an apprentice in 1755 (probably his son).

John Anstey (m 1766 Hampton in Arden)

John Anstey, very likely born in 1736 in Hampton in Arden to parents John Anstey and Hannah Crocket per above, married Elizabeth Taylor in 1766 in Hampton in Arden. He was “of Balsall and Hampton in Arden” and literate. They lived in Balsall and had children in Hampton in Arden/Balsall:

  • John Anstey (b 1769, died 1781 “John Anstey of Balsall” or 1799 “son of John Anstey and Elizabeth“?);
  • Joseph Anstey? (b 1773, we have unsourced information that he married Ann Palmer. In a 13 February 1832 petition in ‘Aris’s Birmingham Gazette‘, Joseph Anstey and his (presumed) brother Thomas Anstey were the only two Ansteys listed, both “farmers of Balsall“. Joseph died in 1834 in Hampton in Arden, he was living at “Fen End” – the ‘Coventry Herald‘ 07 February 1834 reported “Died: On Wednesday last aged 61, Joseph Anstey farmer of Balsall“)
  • Mary Ansty (b 1775);
  • Elizabeth Anstey (b 1777?, married Thomas Dingley in Hampton in Arden in 1808 (she was “of Balsall“, her brother Thomas Anstey was a witness);
  • Thomas Anstey (b 1783 – see below);

Thomas Ansty (b 1751 Haseley)

Thomas Ansty was baptised in Haseley near Warwick on 12 June 1751 to parents Thomas Anstey (b 1718 see above) and Catherine (note: this baptism also appears in transcripts for Bearley, Worcestershire). On 16 August 1800 “aged 60Thomas Ansty was discharged at Chatham Barracks from the Army, 86th Regiment of Foot, having been a “Private, serving for thirty six years but being unfit for further service in consequence of being old and worn out“. His discharge document stated that he was born in the parish of “Hasly near Warwick“, a “plaisterer” by trade when he joined the Army (presumably in 1764).

[Note: Even though there is a huge discrepancy between the dates of birth, it must be the same person as this is the ONLY ‘Ansty’ activity we find in Haseley in the whole of the 1700s]

The 86th Regiment of Foot was only raised in 1793 so we do not know with whom Thomas Ansty fought before that, but between 1793 and 1800 the Regiment, and hence presumably Thomas Ansty, fought in the French Revolutionary Wars.

Thomas Anstey (b 1783 Hampton in Arden)

Thomas Anstey was born in 1783 in Hampton in Arden/Balsall to parents John Anstey and Elizabeth. Thomas Anstey married Ann Maynar in 1811 in Hampton in Arden (Thomas was resident of Balsall at the time, witnesses were two members of the ‘Dingley‘ family). Thomas Anstey was a farmer in Balsall/Balsall Common throughout his life; in a 13 February 1832 petition in ‘Aris’s Birmingham Gazette‘, Thomas Anstey and his (presumed) brother Joseph Anstey were the only two Ansteys listed, both “farmers of Balsall (Thomas also obtained a ‘Game Certificate’ in 1837). Thomas Anstey and Ann Maynar had children in Balsall/Hampton in Arden:

  • John Anstey (b 1808, a grocer who moved to Coventry – see the Coventry Anstey page for more)
  • Elizabeth Anstey (b 1813, married John Ward in 1842 in Hampton in Arden; she was resident of Balsall);
  • Ann Anstey (b 1816, died 1835 – the ‘Coventry Herald‘ 16 October 1835 reported “Deaths: On Monday last aged 19 Ann Anstey of Bishop Street in this city“. She was buried in Hampton in Arden on 14 October 1835);
  • Thomas Anstey (b 1819 – see below);
  • Joseph Ansty (b 1821, was an unmarried draper living in Cross Cheaping, Coventry in the 1851 Census. He married Jane Lawson Boumford (b1841 Montgomergshire) in St George, Hanover Square in 1865. They were living in London Road Whitley Common, St Michael, Coventry in the 1871 Census, and Joseph (still a draper) was a widower, seemingly with no children, in Coventry St Micheal with St John in the 1881 Census. In 1882 “Joseph Anstey draper uncle” was executor to his nephew Thomas Anstey (b 1841, son of John Anstey)’s will. The ‘Coventry Herald‘ on 9 February 1900 reported “The death occurred at his residence at Whitley on Monday night of Mr Joseph Anstey, an old and well known citizen. Mr Anstey, who was in his 79th year, died from the effects of a stroke. He was one of the oldest tradesmen in the city, having been in business as a draper for about fifty years. Deceased was the oldest vestryman of Holy Trinity and was for many years a churchwarden and an overseer of the poor. He was also for some years a Director of the Poor“. See below for Joseph‘s burial in 1900);
  • William Anstey (b 1823, became a grocer living in Kenilworth, married Mary Elizabeth Newton (b 1844 Kenilworth) in Kenilworth in 1875 – they appear not to have had any children. In the 1881 Census they were living at Castle End East Side, Kenilworth. William Anstey died in 1897 (see John Anstey) – also see below for his burial. His widow Mary Elizabeth Anstey was living off private means at 10 Priory Street Coventry in the 1911 Census);
  • Henry Anstey (b 1826, was an unmarried linen draper in St Martin, Birmingham in 1851);
  • Charles Anstey (b 1827, living with his parents in Balsall in the 1851 Census. Charles married Hannah Liggins in 1863 in Berkswell; he was a farmer. They had a child Hannah Theakestone Anstey (b 1866, died 1869); Charles died in 1872 at Fen End Farm, Balsall. The ‘Gazette‘ on 31 March 1874 had a notice “CHARLES ANSTEY Deceased…all persons having any debt or claim against or upon the estate of Charles Anstey late of Fen End in the parish of Balsall in the county of Warwick, farmer who died on the 8th day of January 1872 and whose will was proved on 24 April 1872, by Thomas Rotherham of Newton in the County of Warwick farmer and Thomas Anstey [b 1841, son of John Anstey] of Coventry Banker’s Clerk, the executors therein named are hereby required to send in their claims…“);

In 1836 “Thomas Anstey, farmer of Balsall” was on a Grand Jury at the Warwickshire Easter Sessions and in 1839 he was an Overseer in Balsall.

Thomas Anstey (b 1783) died in 1867 at Meer End, Balsall, Warwickshire, buried in Hampton in Arden. His probate on 19 November 1867 states “the will of Thomas Anstey, late of Meer End in the parish of Balsall in the County of Warwick, farmer, deceased, who died 24 June 1867 at Meer End, was proved at Birmingham by the oaths of John Anstey of Coventry, grocer; Joseph Anstey of Coventry draper, and William Anstey of Kenilworth, grocer, the sons the executors

Brothers Joseph Anstey (b 1821) and William Anstey (b 1823) together with their wives are buried in London Road Cemetery, Coventry. Their headstone has the inscription “In loving memory of Jane Lawson the beloved wife of Joseph Anstey who departed this life May 5 1875 aged 34 years. Her end was peace neither shall there be any more pain for these things are passed away. In loving memory of William Anstey who died Nov 9 1897 in his 74th year. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord for they rest from their labours. In loving memory of Joseph Anstey who departed this life Feb 5 1900 aged 78 years. Also Mary Elizabeth the dearly beloved wife of the late William Anstey who departed this life Nov 28 1918 aged 75 years. The will of the Lord be done. (Acts 21 verse 14)

Thomas Anstey (b 1819 Hampton in Arden)

Thomas Anstey was born in 1819 in Hampton in Arden to parents Thomas Anstey and Ann Maynar. He married Mary Hicken in 1850 in Warwick and they had children in Kenilworth:

  • Edward Hicken Anstey (b 1852, living in Kenilworth in the 1871 Census, a butcher’s apprentice);
  • William Anstey (b q3 1853 (though later sources vary from 1854 to 1859). He married Mary Robinson (b 1855 Ireland, living in Kenilworth in 1879) in Coventry, Holy Trinity on 9 April 1879, at the time he was a butcher living at 19 Well Street. They had children William Thomas Henry Anstey (b 1880 Foleshill – an Anstey Hero) and Joseph Anstey (b 1884 Solihull, baptised at At Augustine of England in Solihull on 10 February 1884. He married Edith Storey in Solihull in 1904. They were living at Warwick Road Solihull in the 1911 Census where he was a “chauffeur groom” with two children Herbert Anstey (b 1906) and Irena Anstey (b 1910)). In the 1881 Census they were living at Mill Lane, Solihull where William Anstey was a gardener; with them were some members of the Robinson family. By the 1891 Census they were living in Warwick Road, Solihull where William Anstey was a butcher. In the 1901 Census they were living at Warwick Road, Solihull where William Anstey was a “jobbing gardener“; he was a “butcher” again in 1904. By the 1911 Census they had fallen on hard times, with William Anstey being an inmate at The Union Workhouse Solihull, still a butcher. He died in Solihull in 1922);
  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1854, had two illegitimate children Lilly Anstey (b 1879 Foleshill) and William Henry Anstey (b 1880 Foleshill – an Anstey Hero). In the 1881 Census she was living with her parents and two children at Paradise Grove, Crabmill Lane, Foleshill); and
  • Ann Anstey (b 1856, was witness to her brother William Anstey‘s marriage in 1879).

The family were living at Meer End, Balsall in the 1871 Census where Thomas was an agricultural labourer/farmer. In 1879 Thomas Anstey was described as a “farm bailiff“. In the 1881 and 1891 Censuses they were living at Paradise Grove, Crabmill Lane, Foleshill with their grandson William Henry AnsteyThomas was a gardener. Thomas Anstey died in Coventry district in 1891; his probate recorded that he was living at Paradise Foleshill, Warwick, a gardener, and that effects were granted to Mary Anstey, relict.

Further Details on the Hampton in Arden Ansteys

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