The Coventry Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Coventry Ansteys

Most of the Coventry Ansteys of Warwickshire are sub-branches of the Hampton in Arden Ansteys, though we are yet to prove definitively all of the connections, as there are gaps in various parish registers. However, at least one Coventry Anstey sub-branch is connected to the Swanbourne Ansteys, and we have quite a few unconnected ‘jigsaw pieces‘ still to sort.

Unconnected Jigsaw Pieces

Before we document what we know, we list some entries that still need connecting and are currently lying on the side of the almost completed jigsaw that we call the Anstey story.

The earliest we currently find mention of Ansteys in Coventry is a series of marriages between 1731 and 1743. These are likely all members of the same Anstey family, and we are currently searching for their baptismal records, either in Coventry, Hampton in Arden, or another Warwickshire parish. The marriages are:

  • 1731 William Anstey married Mary Watts (probably William Anstey was baptised in 1702 in Hampton in Arden)
  • 1734 (presumably) the same William Anstey married Elizabeth Simpkins
  • 1743 Sarah Anstey (born in 1703) married Thomas Cross at Holy Trinity Coventry

A generation later, from 1764 onwards, we find marriages of perhaps some of William Anstey‘s children (per above) or perhaps members of Hampton in Arden or Coleshill Ansteys (we still seek the connecting evidence):

  • 1764 Mary Anstey married John Carter
  • 1779 Benjamin Ansty was baptised to George and Mary at St Michaels Coventry

We have some burials which may also help us connect the Coventry Ansteys, being:

  • Elizabeth (b 1740) was buried in 1816 at Coventry St Michaels
  • Josh (b 1740) was buried in 1816 in Coventry. Perhaps this should be ‘Joseph‘, possible eldest son of Samuel Anstey of the Coleshill Ansteys??

James Anstey (b 1787 Coventry)

James Anstey was born in 1787 in Coventry to father Thomas Ansteyplush weaver“. He married first Mary Wells in Coventry in 1808. They had children:

  • Susannah Anstey (b 1810);
  • Charles Wells Anstey (b 1812, died in 1813)

Mary Anstey died in c1813 so James Anstey (now a “widower“) married Elizabeth Tunnicliffe in 1814 in Coventry Holy Trinity (Ann Anstey was a witness). They had children:

  • James Anstey (b 1817, died an infant?)
  • William Anstey (b 1818 baptised in Smithford St Presbyterian Great Meeting House, Coventry);
  • Caroline Ansty (b 1821);
  • Emma Anstey (b 1824);
  • Elizabeth Ansty (b 1826); and
  • John Ansty (b 1826, an apprentice watchmaker in the 1841 Census. He married Sarah Mulliss in 1846 in Coventry and was living in Spon Street, Coventry in the 1851 Census, a ‘watch jeweller master’. They had children in Coventry Arthur Anstey (b 1848 – see below); Eliza Anstey (b 1849, died an infant, buried at Coventry London Road Cemetery); Jane Helen [Ellen] Anstey (b 1851, married Mr Johnson and by the 1901 Census she was a widow living at 22, Attleborough Road, Nuneaton with her children and brother John); Elizabeth Sarah Anstey (b 1854); Walter Anstey (b 1856 – see below); and John Anstey (b 1864, an unmarried tailor presser boarding with his sister Jane in 1901 and at 17 Fitton Street Nuneaton in the 1911 Census)).

James Anstey and his family were living in Hertford Square, Coventry in the 1841 Census; James Anstey was a “silk dealer?“. In the 1850 Lascelles Directory, “James and Henry Anstey” were “Linen and Woollen Drapers and silk” at Broad Gate, Coventry. By the 1861 Census, James Anstey had remarried to Harriet Revill (b 1809 or 1819 London, he married her in Coventry on 28 September 1857 at which time he was a ‘book [boot?] seller?‘ aged 70 living at Little Park Street Coventry – father confirmed as Thomas Anstey ‘plush weaver’ per marriage cert), he was a “silk plush weaver“; they were living in Little Park Street with another son:

James Anstey (father) died in 1865 in Coventry, buried in London Road Cemetery “aged 78“. Note: the “silk” profession may provide us a link from James to Thomas Anstey (b 1743 Coleshill)?? – see Christian Anstey below

[Note: Surely connected to this family is James Anstey (b 1825, a labourer of Cashes Meadow father Thomas Anstey ‘plush weaver’) who married Ann Clarke on 22 May 1858 in Coventry St John the Baptist. James Anstey died a month later buried in Coventry London Road Cemetery on 27 June 1858 at the time living at Much Park Street Coventry – a few Ansteys lived in Much Park Street]

Thomas Anstey (b 1743 Coleshill)

We have not really pieced together this family; what follows is a series of clues awaiting assembly. These ‘Thomas Anstey‘ clues are possibly not even all the same family.

In 1766 Thomas Anstey married Ann Howkins in Coventry. Thomas Anstey is surely of the Coleshill Ansteys, born 1743.

In 1776 Joseph Ansty was baptised to Thomas Ansty and Elizabeth (Joseph likely married Ann Crabdon in Coventry in 1803). Thomas Ansty and Elizabeth also had children Ambrose Ansty (b 1780, died an infant, and 1784, died 1785) and Christian Ansty (b 1782, a “silk winder“, had an illegitimate daughter Ann Anstey (b 1813 Coventry)). We can only postulate that Thomas Anstey who married in 1766 remarried Elizabeth in c1776?

In 1792 Thomas Anstey of “Coventry, St John the Baptist” married Sarah Rogers. They had children Thomas Ansty (b 1797) and Joseph Ansty (b 1800). This gentleman is likely the son of Thomas Anstey (b 1743) of the Coleshill Ansteys.

Thomas Anstey (b 1743) was buried in 1814 at Coventry St Michaels (this is surely Thomas Anstey of the Coleshill Ansteys).

Edward Anstee (b 1755 Swanbourne)

Edward Anstee was baptised in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire in 1755 to father Edward Anstee – he is the patriarch of the Potsgrove Anstees. Edward Anstee (b 1755) married Mary Hughes (died in Potsgrove in 1819 aged 70) in Granborough in 1776 and they moved to Potsgrove, Bedfordshire where they had children in Potsgrove:

[Note: Incidentally, Edward‘s brother Thomas Anstee (b 1753 Swanbourne) also moved to Potsgrove, marrying Esther Studds in 1780. They had a son William Anstee who died young in 1782, then Esther died in 1784 in Potsgrove (mistranscribed as ‘Anstead’)]

In the ‘Northampton Mercury‘ on 29 October 1785 appears “BEDFORD 25 Oct 1785: Made their escape from the Gaol of Bridewell the undermentioned prisoners: …EDWARD ANSTEY of the parish of Potsgrove, in the said county, aged about 28 years, 5 foot six inches high, dark brown hair, fair complexion, had on a dark brown coat, linen waistcoat, leather breeches, and grey worsted stockings. By trade a cordwainer [shoemaker]…whoever will apprehend the above named persons and deliver them to William Clare, Keeper of the said Gaol of Bridewell, shall receive ONE GUINEA reward

Edward Anstee (b 1755) was buried in 1825 at Coventry St Michaels as “Edward Ansty age 70” (ie confirming his birth in 1755).

Edward Ansty (b 1777 Potsgrove)

Edward Ansty was born in 1777 in Potsgrove, Bedfordshire to father Edward Anstee of Swanbourne; he is a member of the Potsgrove Anstees. He married Sarah Huchings [Hutchings?] in Milton Bryan (near Potsgrove) in 1797 and they had children:

  • Martha Anstee (b 1797 Swanbourne, married Samuel Gillings (Jillings) in Coventry in 1820. They had a son William Gillings who according to the ‘Coventry Standard‘ 25 March 1853 “was apprenticed [in 1842] by his father [Samuel Gillings] to his grandfather Edward Ansty of Coventry boot closer for seven years; he served him for about 5 years when he ran away“);
  • Fanny Ansty (b 1800 Milton Bryan);
  • Edward Anstee (b 1806 – see the Potsgrove Anstee page);
  • Thomas Anstee (b ?. In 1824, presumably together with his brother Edward Anstee, he “absconded from the parish of Potsgrove near Woburn, leaving a wife chargeable. He is about 5 foot 2 inches high, of sallow complexion and is rather lame on the right leg” (per the ‘Northampton Mercury‘ 07 August 1824). He married Ann and a child Joseph Anstee (b 1832 Potsgrove));
  • John Anstey (b c1813 Coventry or possibly Harborne, Bedfordshire – see below);
  • William Ansty (b 1814 Coventry – see below);
  • Mary Ann Ansty (b 1816 Coventry, married William Burton on 16 December 1833 in Coventry St John the Baptist – William Ansty, her brother, was a witness);

Either Edward Anstee or his son Edward Anstee appear in the ‘Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser‘ 7 April 1827 edition “Committed to the House of Correction…Edward Ansty, for using at Stoneleigh a dog, called a lurcher, with an intent to kill game

In the 1841 Census, Edward Anstee (boot closer) and Sarah Anstee were living at Mill Lane, Coventry, with their son William Anstee. In January 1847, Sarah Ansty, “wife of Edward Ansty of Mill Lane, Coventry” died (‘Coventry Herald‘ 15 January 1847 edition). Edward remarried to Hannah (presumably between 1847 and 1851) though we cannot find this marriage entry.

In 1849, Edward Ansty appeared as a witness in the famous ‘Stoneleigh Abbey Case‘ where he stated “My name is Edward Anstey. I live in Coventry and I am a boot closer“. In the 1851 Census, Edward Anstyboot closer born in Woburn [near Potsgrove], Bedfordshire” was living in Coventry Holy Trinity with his second wife Hannah (b 1792 Coventry). Edward Anstee was buried in London Road Cemetery, Coventry in February 1853 “aged 76” living at “New Buildings” in Coventry.

John Anstey (b 1813 Coventry)

John Anstey was born in c1813 in Coventry (or possibly Harborne, Bedfordshire – see below) to father Edward Ansty; he is a member of the Potsgrove Anstees. He married Sarah Turner (whose father was called ‘Hercules‘) in Coventry St John in 1841 (where his father was confirmed as “Edward Anstey“). John Anstey, like his father, was also a “boot closer“, confirmed in the 1851 Census. John and Sarah had a fairly large family in Coventry, being:

  • John Turner Anstey (b 1835, a boot closer in the 1851 Census, married Mary Ann Hirons [Hiorns] in 1862 in Coventry, where he was a “boot closer from Much Park Street“. They moved to King Street, Bedworth, Foleshill in Warwickshire and had children William Henry Anstee (b 1862 – see below); John Anstee (b 1865 – see below); Richard Anstee (b 1867, married Mary Ann Watts? and in the 1911 Census they were living at 73 Crafton St Leicester with a step daughter Ellen Elizabeth Watts (b 1886) – Richard was a wool sorter); Hercules Anstee (b 1869 – see below); Sarah Anstey (b 1871); and Martha Anstey (b 1872). By the 1881 Census the family had fallen on hard times and were living at Foleshill Union Workhouse, John was still a boot closer. John Turner Anstey likely was buried in London Road Cemetery, Coventry in 1897 “aged 63“);
  • Hercules Turner Anstey (b 1839, must have died young?);
  • Martha Anstey (b 1843);
  • William Anstey (b 1845, a boot closer in the 1861 Census. He married Sarah (Rice?) in 1875 in Coventry and in the 1881 Census he was a cordwainer living with her at 14, Ct 4 Much Park Street, Coventry. By the 1911 Census he was a widower and boot closer living alone at 4 in 14 Court Much Park Street Coventry – he died on 25 April 1917 a “workhouse death” (Much Park Street Workhouse) “buried by friends or family” at London Road Civic Cemetery);
  • Sarah Anstey (b 1847);
  • Fanny Frances Anstey (b 1847, known as Frances – a “silk filler” living with her parents in the 1881 Census. She never married and in the 1911 Census she was an inmate at the Coventry Union Workhouse, 11 London Road, “formerly silk filler ribbon trade“. She died in 1918, the ‘Coventry Standard‘ reporting on 30 August 1918 “Inquest into the death of Fanny Frances Anstee aged 70 years who formerly lived at 25 Much Park Street. She was admitted to the institution on August 28th and after going to a cupboard in the long room to fetch a ring she complained of pains in her head and fell to the ground. Evidence was given by Hercules Anstee, a newsagent of 28 Far Gosford Street (the deceased’s brother) and Emma Ludford an inmate, who said deceased never moved after falling. Dr Coghill said deceased must have had latent heart disease and she died from syncope“);
  • Hercules Anstee (b 1850 – see below);
  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1851, died 1852).

In the 1851 & 1861 Censuses the family were living at St John Street Coventry St Michaels. By the 1881 Census John was a ‘cordwainer’ living at Ct 10 HO, 25, M Park Street, Coventry St Michael with St John. His wife Sarah was a “silk filler“. In the 1891 Census, John Anstee was an inmate at a workhouse – his birth details were given as “1810 in Harborne, Bedfordshire” rather than Coventry, which is certainly possible given some of his siblings were born around there. John Anstey died in 1894, buried at London Road Cemetery in Coventry “age 81” – his residence was given as “workhouse, Coventry“.

William Ansty (b 1814 Coventry)

William Ansty was baptised June 1814 in Coventry, St Michael to father Edward Ansty (“shoemaker“); he is a member of the Potsgrove Anstees. William Ansty (a “dyer and presser” in the 1841 Census) married Hannah Hinton in Coventry in 1841. By the 1851 Census, William was a “silk dyer” living in West Orchard, Coventry Holy Trinity with Mary Anstey of Dublin, Ireland, together with a daughter Fanny Ansty (b 1851 Coventry, must have died young).

Matters get rather murky here because “Mary Anstey” was certainly “Mary Gamble” for reasons which will become clear, but formal documentation has them marrying a) in Coventry on 11 June 1865 and b) again in Coventry on 15 April 1873 when William Ansty was described as “Dyer, widowed and son of Edward Anstee, boot closer” residing at Hales Street. Furthermore, according to the gravestone inscription (see below), Hannah Anstee did not die until 1863, so our best guess is that William and Hannah separated in c1850, but William Anstee did not ‘officially’ marry Mary Gamble until 1865, even though he was living with her from c1850.

William Anstee and Mary (Gamble) had children in Coventry:

  • Mary Ann Gamble Anstee (b 1851, married Richard Andrews in 1871 in Coventry, witness was her brother John Alexander Gamble Anstee);
  • William John Anstee (b 1853, mother confirmed as Mary Gamble, must have died young);
  • John Alexander Gamble Anstee (b 1853, married Mary Ann York in 1879 in Sparkbrook. In the 1881 Census they were living in Coventry with Mary Ann‘s mother. John Anstee was a watchmaker. They had children in Coventry Sidney Alexander York Anstee (b 1880, married Fanny Elizabeth Tarpley on 16 August 1902 in Belgrave, St Michael’s, Leicestershire having children in Leicester Sidney Alfred Anstee (b 1903); Gladys Lillian Anstee (b 1904); Edna Victoria Anstee (b 1907); John Laurence Anstee (b 1910, known as Jack); and George E. Anstee (b 1913). By the 1911 Census he was a clerk living with his family at 30 Ross Walk, Leicester); Mary Constance Anstee (b 1882); John Garnet Anstee (b 1883, married Mabel Greasley in 1909 in Leicester having children in Leicester Dorothy M. Anstee (b 1911); John H. Anstee (b 1913); and Mabel I. Anstee (b 1917). In the 1911 Census the family were living at 7 Broadhurst St Leicester where John was a boot manufacturers warehouseman); and Jessie Agnes Anstee (b 1885). By 1891 the family had moved to Barrow upon Soar where John Anstee was a chemists assistant and by 1901 they were living at 19, Broadhurst Street, Leicester, where John was a “dry salter“. In the 1911 Census John Alexander Anstee was boarding at Blackhorse Inn Reymerston, in Norfolk – he was a “married chemist assistant“);
  • Agnes Anstee (b 1855);
  • Fanny Anstee (b 1857);
  • William Thomas Gamble Anstey (b 1859, married Caroline Lynes [Katherine Lyons] in Coventry on 5 June 1881 – he was a ‘smith’ living at Payne’s Lane at the time. They had children in Coventry William Anstey (b 1882, a cycle polisher in the 1901 Census); Mary Ann Anstey (b 1885, a domestic servant in 1901); John Alexander Anstee (b 1895 – an Anstey Hero); Florence Anstee (b 15 June 1896, baptised 6 June 1897 at Coventry St Mary and St Benedict as Florentia, alive in 1901). In the 1901 Census William was a blacksmith living with the family at Court House, 2, White Friars Lane, Coventry);

In the 1861 Census, William Anstee was a “dyer and presser” living with his family at Market Place, Coventry. By the 1871 Census, William Anstee was a widower and dyer living with certain members of his family in Hales Street, Coventry, and in the 1881 Census he was a “dyer and presser” living at Priory Row, Coventry. William Anstee died later in 1881, buried at London Road Cemetery, Coventry, the inscription on his headstone reading “In remembrance of Hannah wife of William Anstee who died Nov 16 1863 aged 42 years. My flesh shall slumber in the ground till the last trumpets joyful sound, and burst the chains with sweet surprise, and in my saviour’s image rise. Also of Mary Ann Andrews wife of Richard Andrews and eldest daughter of William Anstee who died at Dublin Dec 5 1874 aged 23 years. Also of William Anstee who died Aug 24 1881 aged 66 years. Also of Mary Anstee __ [inscription buried] [stonemason] Seager

John Anstey (b 1808 Hampton in Arden)

John Anstey was born in Balsall, Hampton in Arden in 1808 to parents Thomas Anstey and Ann Maynar. He married firstly Elizabeth Docker in Allesley in 1837 (described as “son of Thomas Anstey“), by which time he was living in Bishop Street, Coventry Holy Trinity, a grocer and maltser by trade – the ‘Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser‘ on 2 December 1837 reported “Marriage: On the 14th ult at Allesley Church, Mr John Anstey, grocer of Coventry, to Miss Elizabeth Docker of Allesley

John Anstey and Elizabeth had a large family of sons, then when Elizabeth died in 1858 (see below for gravestone details) John remarried to Rebecca Clarke in 1859 in Coventry. John Anstey‘s children (all born in Coventry) were:

  • Elizabeth Anstey (b 1839, with Elizabeth Docker, died in 1841);
  • Ann Anstey (b 1839 died 1849);
  • Thomas Anstey (b 1841, mentioned in his father’s 1869 will as being a “banker’s clerk“. He was a “bankers clerk” when he was executor to the will of Charles Anstey in 1872. Thomas married Lucy Annie Docker in Coventry in 1874. In the 1881 Census they were living in Coventry, Thomas was a bank cashier. Thomas died in 1882, they appear to have had no children. Executors of Thomas Anstey‘s will were Lucy Annie Anstey (his widow) and “Joseph Anstey draper uncle“. His widow Lucy Annie Anstey was still living in Coventry, at 24 Priory Street, in the 1911 Census, she died in 1937 – see below for details of Thomas‘s gravestone);
  • John Anstey (b 1842, died an infant);
  • William Anstey (b 1843 – see below);
  • John Anstey (b 1844, died an infant);
  • Mary Elizabeth Anstey (b 1845, married Charles Ling in 1867 in Coventry. In the 1871 Census they were at 11 Queen Street, Salisbury (St Edmund), Alderbury with her brother John Anstey);
  • Joseph Anstey (b 1847 (though certain censuses say as late as 1859), was an unmarried draper’s assistant in Rugby in the 1871 Census. He married Emily Sutton on 12 February 1874 in Foleshill. In the 1901 Census they were living at Drapers Shop, Higham Ferrers with an adopted daughter Beatrice SuttonJoseph was a draper Joseph Anstey died in 1907, the ‘Northampton Mercury‘ on 15 February 1907 reporting “HIGHAM FERRERS: Funeral – the remains of Mr Joseph Anstey, draper of the Market Place, were on Thursday laid to rest in the cemetery. The deceased gentleman died on Sunday at the age of 59 from pneumonia after a few days illness. The first part of the funeral was held at the parish church where for many years the deceased was a sidesman“. Probate was to his widow Emily Anstey and George Ernest Dain, railway clerk. In the 1911 Census Emily Anstey (widow) was living alone at 16 Stimpson Avenue Northampton. She died in Northampton on 3 October 1938 living at 126 Abington Avenue – probate was to William Frederick Sutton, presumably a relative of her adopted daughter)
  • John Anstey Junior (b 1848, was a grocer in 1867 living in Kenilworth. In the 1871 Census he was at 11 Queen Street, Salisbury (St Edmund), Alderbury visiting his sister Mary Elizabeth Ling. He married Fanny Louisa Snape in 1878 in Bilston, Staffordshire and they had children in Bilston and later West Bromwich, Frances M. E. Anstey (b 1880); Arthur Harold Anstey (b 1881 Bilston, married Gwendoline Mary Kimberley on 26 March 1910 in Harbourne. In the 1911 Census he was a wine and spirits merchants clerk living with his wife and daughter Frances Mary Anstey (b 1911) at 30 Lumley Road Walsall); Hubert John Anstey (b 1884 Bilston, a commerical clerk at an iron works in the 1911 Census); Joseph Gordon Anstey (b 1885 Bilston, an unmarried teacher boarding at 3 Woodlea Road Waterfoot, Rawtenstall in the 1911 Census); William Leslie Anstey (b 1888 Bilston, a furniture upholsterer in the 1911 Census); Thomas Reginald Anstey (b 1890 West Bromwich, an Anstey Hero); Hilda Mabel Anstey (b 1892 West Bromwich, a ‘nursery and governess’ in the 1911 Census). In the 1901 Census the family were living at Beeches Road, West Bromwich – John Anstey (father) was still a grocer. They were still at 30 Beeches Road, West Bromwich in the 1911 Census where John was now a retired grocer);
  • Elizabeth Anstey? (b 1849 – we cannot locate her birth record but she died in 1894 in Alderbury, buried at Salisbury London Road Cemetery with inscription “Lizzie: d at Salisbury 2nd dau of John and Elizabeth“);
  • Sarah Ann Anstey (b 1850, died 1852);
  • Henry Anstey (b 1852, died an infant);
  • Sarah Clarke (b 1854, this was presumably Rebecca Clarke‘s child from a previous relationship
  • John Clarke (b c1856, this was presumably Rebecca Clarke‘s child from a previous relationship);
  • Ann Rebecca Anstey (b 1860 with Rebecca Clarke, died 1865 buried in Coventry, London Road Cemetery. The family were still living at Bishop Street Coventry in 1865);
  • Charles Henry Anstey (b 1863, living in Bishop Street Coventry with his mother in 1871. Charles married Fanny Louisa Morley in 1885 in Coventry and they had children in Coventry Rose Ethel Anstey (b 1888, living with the family in the 1911 Census); Charles Henry Anstey Junior (b 1890, known as ‘Charlie’, living with the family in the 1911 Census); Annie Anstey (b 1892, living with the family in the 1911 Census); and Albert Edward Anstey (b 15 January 1902, baptised 25 August 1903, living with the family in the 1911 Census). Charles Henry Anstey Senior was an “iron and steel turner” living with his family at 28, Gas Street, Coventry in 1901. He was a “fitter and turner at a motor branch” in the 1911 Census, living at 55 Middleborough Road Coventry. He died in Coventry on 2 September 1942, seemingly living at the Workhouse in Clay Lane, Coventry – he was “buried by family or friends“);
  • Albert Edward Anstey (b 1867, living in Bishop Street, Coventry with his mother in 1871. On 26 October 1893 he married Ellen Alice Percival at Coventry, Holy Trinity – at the time he was a draper living at 2 Ford Terrace. He was a “draper of Coventry” in 1900 – see below. They had three children together in Coventry Albert Edward Anstey (b 1895, baptised Coventry St Peter 23 January 1896, buried 10 December 1896 at Coventry, London Road Cemetery at which time the family was living at Primrose Hill); Thomas Henry Anstey (b 1898 – an Anstey Hero); and Ellen Margery Anstey (b 1902). In the 1911 Census they were living at 28 Binley Road Coventry, which they called “Plemont Villa“. Albert appeared in numerous Grand Juries in c1910-1920, labelled as “Albert Edward Anstey, gentleman, 28, Binley Road“. At the time of the 1939 Register, the family were still living at Binley Road, Albert was “invalid unemployed“. Albert died in 1941, the ‘Coventry Evening Telegraph‘ on 6 January 1941 reporting “DEATH: Anstey at the residence of Mr A. Bird 23 Waverley Road, Kenilworth on 1 January Albert Edward Anstey beloved husband of Ellen Alice of Plemont Villa, Binley Road, Coventry, aged 73“. He was buried at London Road Civic Cemetery);

The ‘Coventry Herald‘ on 31 August 1838 reported “Freehold Estates in Coventry to be Sold by Auction Lot 8: Two Messuages, with the Appurtenances, situate in Bishop-Street and the corner of Silver-Street, the several occupations Mr. John Anstey, Grocer and Provision Dealer, and Mr. Edward Kirk, his undertenant. These Premises are held at will and with the site of the buildings comprise about 350 square yards

In the 1851 Census, the family were living at Bishop Street, Holy Trinity, Coventry; John Anstey was a grocer. By 1861, John Anstey was a “grocer and maltser“, still living with the family at Bishop Street, Holy Trinity, Coventry. In the ‘Coventry Herald‘ newspaper 17 September 1869 edition, it reported “DEATH: on the 12th instant in the 62nd year of his age, John Anstey of Bishop Street, deeply regretted“. In October 1869, the “substantially built 8 quarter malthouse, situated in West Orchard in the in the city of Coventry and now in the occupation of the executors of the late Mr John Anstey” were advertised to be sold at auction (‘Coventry Standard‘ newspaper 1 October 1869 edition).

John Anstey was buried at London Road Cemetery, Coventry, the inscription on his gravestone reading “In affectionate remembrance of Elizabeth wife of John Anstey who died Feb 9 1858 aged 49 years. Also of John Anstey who died Sep 15 1869 in the 62nd year of his age. Also Thomas Anstey son of the above who died Apr 20th 1882 aged 41 years.

In the 1871 Census his widow Rebecca Anstey was living at Bishop Street with her two youngest sons.

The National Archives (reference PA 202/5/4) gives some interesting information on this family in 1900, where it states: “Appointment of New Trustees whereby, having recited: firstly, that John Anstey (of Coventry, grocer and maltster) by will appointed his wife Rebecca (in 1900 of Coventry, widow), his sons Thomas and William [II] and his brother William [I] executors who should sell his estate and pay the proceeds to Rebecca for life; secondly, that John Anstey died on 15th. Sept., 1869 and that his probate was granted on 27th. Oct., 1869; thirdly, that Thomas Anstey died on 6th. Apr., 1882; fourthly, that William [I] Anstey died on 9th. Nov., 1897; fifthly, that William [II] Anstey died at West Bromwich, Staffs. on 5th. Jan., 1900 intestate; sixthly, that W. [II] Anstey’s administration was granted to Emma Elizabeth Anstey (of West Bromwich, widow) on 3rd. Feb., 1900; seventhly, that the proceeds from the sale of J. Anstey‘s estate were so invested that £1,800 was mortgaged upon Coventry property by an 11th. May, 1897 deed (made by both William Ansteys with Frederick John Harker), whilst £707/17/6 has been deposited with the London and Midland Bank (Coventry branch); and eighthly, that Rebecca Anstey, Albert Edward Anstey (of Coventry, draper) and William Henry Anstey (of Coventry, commercial clerk) have consented to become trustees of W. [II] Anstey‘s estate: therefore Emma Elizabeth Anstey appoints R., Albert Edward and William Henry Anstey trustees.

Thomas Anstee (b 1814 Coventry)

Thomas Anstee was born in c1814 in Coventry – we cannot currently locate his parents though he had a younger brother Edward Anstee (b c1816 – a bootmaker) so he is clearly a Swanbourne Anstey. He married firstly Jane (b c1815 Bishopsgate) in c1836 and then later Martha Duffield (b 1825 Oxford) in 1860 in Islington and they had children:

  • Alfred Thomas Anstee (b 1838 St Sepulchre with Jane, known as both Alfred and Thomas – living with his father and mother in 1851 (as Thomas) and living with his father and stepmother in 35, Parkfield Street, Islington in 1861 (as Alfred) – a bootmaker by 1861. With them in 1861 was a Mary A. Denham who was presumably closely related to Emma Denham who had a son with Thomas Anstee named Walter Thomas Anstee (b 7 October 1867 Marylebone to mother ‘Emma Anstee formerly Denham of 16 Canterbury Terrace Notting Hill, illiterate‘ and father ‘Thomas Anstee waiter‘ (per birth certificate). The ‘Music Hall and Theatre Review‘ 14 December 1894 reported “Marriage: On December 6, at St. Peter’s Church, Brighton, Walter Thomas Anstee (Bros. Etharien) to Rose Emma Faulkener, second daughter of George Faulkener, of that town“. In the 1911 Census Walter was a comedian and music hall artist living at 10 Thornbury Road Clapham with his wife and children Walter Edward Anstee (b 1897 Brighton) and Rose Georgina Anstee (b 1899 Brighton)). We lose track of Alfred Thomas Anstee after 1867);
  • George Edward Anstee (b 1861 Islington with Martha, married Anna Andrews in 1882 in Kensington having children Alice Anstee (b 1882? Kensington); George Thomas Anstee (b 1883 Kensington, a postman in the 1911 Census at 11 Standish Road Hammersmith); John Edward Anstee (b 1884 Kensington – an Anstey Hero); Percy Charles Anstee (b 1886 Paddington, died 1893 Fulham); Amy Anstee (b 1888 Marylebone, a sick nurse in the 1911 Census at 11 Standish Road Hammersmith); May Anstee (b 1890, a waitress in the 1911 Census at 11 Standish Road Hammersmith); Henry Benjamin Anstee (b 1890 Hammersmith – an Anstey Hero); and James Anstee (b 1895 Fulham – an Anstey Hero). In the 1891 Census they were visiting Annie Hill and family at Cumberland Park, Hammersmith; George Anstee was a dairyman. By the 1911 Census they were living at 11 Standish Road Hammersmith where George was a boot repairer – he was still there in the 1918 Electoral Register);
  • Ellen Anstee (b 1862 Pancras with Martha);
  • John James Anstee (b 1863 Pancras with Martha, died an infant); and
  • Annie Elizabeth Anstee (b 1865 Pancras with Martha, baptised 10 June 1865 at St Pancras)

In the 1841 Census Thomas Anstee (shoemaker), Jane Anstee and Edward Anstee (age 25 a bootmaker) were living at Charterhouse Lane, St Sepulchre. In the 1851 Census Thomas Anstee was a cordwainer living with Jane and his son still at Charter House Lane, St Sepulchre Middlesex, Holborn. In the 1861 Census Thomas Anstee was a bootmaker living with Martha and his family at 35, Parkfield Street, Islington plus a boarder Mary A. Denham (see above). In the 1891 Census Thomas (shoemaker) and Martha were visiting Annie Hill and family at Cumberland Park, Hammersmith. Martha Anstee died in 1908 in Fulham.

William Anstey (b 1843 Coventry)

William Anstey was born in 1843 in Coventry to parents John Anstey and Elizabeth Docker. He was a warehouseman in the 1861 Census, marrying Emma Elizabeth Bridge in Coventry in 1865. They had children:

  • Annie Louisa Anstey (b 1868 Coventry, unmarried in 1911 living with her brother John at 19 Church Lane, Coventry. By 1921 she was in Blandford with her sisters);
  • Amy Gertrude Anstey (b 1872 West Bromwich, an unmarried school mistress living with her sister Florence and her niece Winifred Anstey Sadler (b 1906 Birmingham – daughter of Ethel per below) at The School House Huntshaw Torrington in the 1911 Census. Gertrude Anstey was on the 1910 Electoral Register in Huntshaw despite being a woman, her qualification being “school house“. By 1921 she was in Blandford with her sisters) ;
  • William Henry Anstey (b 1874 West Bromwich/West Smethwick, was “of Coventry, commercial clerk” in 1900 – see above. In 1902 he was living at 4 Ford Street, Coventry. He married Mabel Alice Bradbury on 1 June 1909 in Stoke, Warwickshire at which time he was a clerk living in Stoke, father “William Anstey, cashier“. In the 1911 Census they were living at 45 Marlboro Road, Coventry with their daughter Mary Elizabeth Anstey (b 1910) where William Henry Anstey was a clerk in a motor cycle works. They also had a daughter Mabel Anstey (b 1912). The ‘Coventry Evening Telegraph‘ on 28 November 1927 reported “Death of Mr W. H. Anstey 36 years with one Coventry Firm. The funeral took place at Stoke this afternoon of Mr William Henry Anstey, who died at his residence ‘Armadale’ Bray’s Lane, Coventry following an illness which had continued for 17 weeks – he was 53. Mr Anstey was secretary of Singer and Co ltd Coventry and by his death the firm has lost the foremost member of staff who was also one of the most devoted. On coming to Coventry 36 years ago from West Bromwich where he was born. Mr Anstey joined the Singer Company and has continued with them ever since. He was associated with the late Mr George Singer and since the early days has seen many changes in the firm, from the time Singer manufactured cycles, then later motor cycles and lastly motor cars…Mr Anstey came of a Coventry family and several relatives are now living in the city. He leaves a widow and two children“);
  • Florence Beatrice Anstey (b 1877 West Bromwich, an unmarried housekeeper living with her sister Amy and niece Winifred at The School House Huntshaw Torrington in the 1911 Census. By 1921 she was in Blandford with her sisters);
  • John Anstey (b 1879 West Bromwich – an Anstey Hero); and
  • Ethel Anstey (b 3 July 1881 West Bromwich, baptised 18 September 1881 at West Bromwich, St John. She married Herbert Walden Sadler in 1905 in West Bromwich and they had a daughter Winifred Anstey Sadler (b 1906 Birmingham) who was living with her aunts Amy and Florence Anstey in The School House Huntshaw Torrington in the 1911 Census)

In the 1881 Census the family was living at 17, Hope Street, West Bromwich, where William Anstey was a commercial clerk at an iron works. William Anstey died in West Bromwich in 1900 (see his father for more details) and in the 1901 Census his widow and children were living at 52, Beeches Road, West Bromwich.

Arthur Anstey (b 1848 Coventry)

Arthur Anstey was born in 1848 in Coventry to John Ansty and Sarah Mulliss. He became a watchmaker, marrying Elizabeth Steane in Coventry in 1874. They had children in Coventry:

  • Arthur Anstey (b 1874, married Selina Maria Athersuch on 2 February 1896 in Coventry and had children Arthur Anstey (b 1896 – an Anstey Hero); Louise Anstey (b 1901); Alfred Anstey (b 1907); and Raymond H. Anstey (b 8 September 1917). In the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses Arthur was a cycle plate polisher living at 36 Russell Street Coventry. He was still there in the 1939 Register – still a plate polisher at a motor works);
  • Herbert Anstey (b 1876 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Mildred Anstey (b 1879);
  • Edward [Edwin] Anstey (b 2 May 1882, baptised 10 September 1884 at Coventry, St John the Baptist. He joined the Army (Service Number: 5896) on 14 July 1902 in Dublin for a period of twelve years (at the time of his enlistment he was a machinist), serving “at home” until 13 July 1905 (at which point he resided at 34 Meadow Street – father confirmed as Arthur) and thence in the Army Reserves (21st Lancers) until 13 July 1914 at which time he intended to reside at 28 Bolingbroke Road, Coventry. We cannot locate him in the 1911 Census but at some point he married Elsie and in the 1939 Register they were living at 155 Bolingbroke Road, Coventry where he was a Ratefitter (Moto Engineering));
  • Leonard Anstey (b 8 February 1884, baptised 10 September 1884 at Coventry, St John the Baptist. The ‘Coventry Evening Telegraph‘ 13 December 1892 reported “Accident: Leonard Anstey eight years of age living at Hertford Place, while attempting to jump from a wall in the playground at the Cotton Mills School, fell heavily to the ground and broke his right leg. He was taken to hospital and detained“. In the 1911 Census he was unmarried and “drilling and milling” living with the family. He married Nellie Neal in 1929 in Brentford and in the 1939 Register he was a “Miller Torpedo Engine Work” living at 77 Godiva Street, Coventry – as far as we know they had no children. He died in 1975 in Leicester);
  • John Raymond Anstey (b 1890, living with his family in the 1911 Census. He married Alice Davis on 22 March 1913 at Coventry St Peter, at which time he was a “fitter” living at 58 Harnell Lane East. They had two daughters Marjorie A. Anstey (b 1914 Coventry, the ‘Coventry Evening Telegraph‘ on 16 January 1947 reporting “In Memoriam: ANSTEY Marjorie Loving memories of our dear daughter who fell asleep on Jan 16 1936. Always in the thoughts of Mam, Dad and Kathleen“) and Kathleen June Anstey (b 1926 Coventry). He died on 23 August 1956 living at 26 Whitnash Grove in Coventry, probate to his daughter Kathleen June Baxter (wife of Geoffrey Vernon Baxter); and
  • William Clarence Anstey (b 1894 – an Anstey Hero)

The ‘Kenilworth Advertiser‘ 03 May 1890 edition noted that “Arthur Anstey 1C Swansell Street” was fined 5s under the Education Act. In the 1891 Census the family were living at 1 Court, Swanswell Place, Coventry where Arthur Anstey was a watchmaker. In the 1911 Census he was a clock and watch repairer at 4 Meadow Street, Coventry. In 1914 they were living at 34 Meadow Street, Coventry. Arthur Anstey died in 1920 in Coventry.

Hercules Anstee (b 1850 Coventry)

Hercules Anstee was born in 1850 in Coventry to parents John Anstey and Sarah Turner – he is a member of the Potsgrove Anstees. He married Emma Olivia Taylor, known as Olivia, in 1874 in Coventry, he was a watch cap maker. They had children:

  • William Hercules Anstee (b 1875 Coventry, married Ada Fletcher in 1899 in Coventry, at which time he was a watchmaker living at 301A Earl Street. They had at least three children in Coventry William Joseph Anstee (b 1905); Maud Francis Anstee (b 1908); and a son (b 1916). In the 1911 Census William was a newsagent in Coventry living at 38 East St Coventry, Coventry. The ‘Coventry Herald‘ on 22 December 1911 reported “COVENTRY MAN’S FATAL DEPRESSION: The Coventry Coroner at the Coventry Police Court on Saturday morning held an enquiry concerning the death of William Hercules Anstee aged 47 of 28 David Road, who was found dead in bed on Friday morning with a wound to the throat. From the evidence of the widow it appeared deceased was a machinist at the Triumph Company formerly but after he was ‘stopped’ eight weeks ago his health suffered. On 15th December witness got up as usual leaving her husband in bed; she had not been down long when her little son aged six came down and said ‘Whats wrong with father? theres a lot of blood on him. This led to the discovery that deceased’s throat was cut. Deceased had been very worried by his unemployment, but quite recently had said he would never take his life. He had slept badly for a few nights prior to his death…the verdict was one of ‘Suicide while of unsound mind’ caused by depression and insomnia“);
  • Elizabeth Anstee (b 1877 Coventry, married Mr Easterlowe, living with her parents in the 1911 Census – this is probably the same person as Sarah Elizabeth Anstee below);
  • Sarah Elizabeth Anstee (b 1879 Coventry, married John Easterlow [Easterton?] in Coventry in 1905, her brother Joseph Anstee was a witness);
  • Emma Anstee (b 1879 Coventry, an unmarried household help living with her parents in the 1911 Census);
  • Joseph Anstee (b 1881 Kidderminster, a twin – an unmarried newsagent living with his parents in the 1911 Census); and
  • Edward Anstee (b 1881 Kidderminster, a twin – an unmarried newsagent living with his parents in the 1911 Census).

By the 1881 Census Hercules was again “single“, living with his parents in Coventry but by the 1901 Census Hercules was back living with Emma and most of his children in Coventry. In the 1911 Census Hercules was a newsagent living with his family at 8 Far Gosford Street Coventry – he was still “a newsagent of 28 Far Gosford Street” in the inquest into his sister Fanny‘s death in 1918 (see above).

Hercules Anstee was buried in London Road Cemetery, Coventry in 1926, the gravestone inscription reading “In loving memory of Hercules Anstee died Mar 20 1926 aged 76 also of his wife Emma Olivia died April 25 1925 aged 75. [Urn no 1] Ada Easterlow, Grandchild died Mar 19 1910 aged 4. [Urn no 2] In loving memory of Mum and Dad C.J.L~E.J.L“)

Walter Anstey (b 1856 Coventry)

Walter Anstey was born in 1856 in Coventry to John Ansty and Sarah Mulliss. He married Maria Bullcock (c1861-1921) in Coventry in 1878 and they had children in Coventry:

  • William Anstey (b 1881, an unmarried letterpress printer living with his widowed mother in the 1911 Census);
  • Walter Anstey (b 30 Aug 1882, baptised 5 November 1882 at Coventry St John the Baptist. He married Clara Georgina Wallis (b 1885 Plymouth) in 1908 in Plymouth and they had children Dora May Anstey (b 1909 Bolton) and Walter H. Anstey (b 1913 Bolton). In the 1911 Census they were living at 21 Elmwood Grove Bolton where Walter was a “machine minder printing” – they were still in Bolton in the 1921 Census. Walter emigrated to Pennsylvania in America later in 1921 aboard the ship ‘SS Haverford‘. At this time his wife Clara was living at 492 Wigan Road, Bolton and he was a printer by trade. By the 1925 Rhode Island State Census the family were living at Providence Ward 06, E.D. 262, Providence, Rhode Island. Walter Anstey died in 1965 in Massachusetts, though the ‘Social Security Death Index‘ says ‘Rhode Island’ Social Security Number 038-03-7085);
  • Nellie Anstey (b 1885, married “Auckland” in c1905 and had a daughter Hilda Auckland (b 1907 Coventry) who was with her ‘Anstey’ grandmother in the 1911 Census) and
  • Robert Anstey (b 1887, an unmarried motor part turner living with his widowed mother in the 1911 Census).

In 1882 the family were living at Ryley Street Coventry. In the 1891 Census they were still living in Ryley Street, Coventry St Michael, Walter Anstey was a “watch jeweller“. Walter died later in 1891 and by the 1901 Census Maria (widow) was a coach lace weaver living with her children at 15, Bond Street, Coventry. In the 1911 Census Maria and two of her sons were living at 35 Leicester Street Coventry where she was a general shopkeeper.

James Anstey (b 1859 Coventry)

James Anstey was born in Coventry in 1859 to parents James Anstey and Harriet Revill. He was living with his parents in Little Park Street, Coventry in 1861. He married Martha Swinton in 1882 in Coventry and they had children in Coventry:

  • Winifred Harriet Anstey (b 1883, known as Winnie);
  • George Anstey (b 1884, in the 1911 Census he was living with his family at 63 Howard St Coventry working as a manual instructer. He emigrated to Canada in 1913 and married Ruth Annette Simister in 1914 in Sidney, British Columbia (his parents were confirmed as James and Martha and his birthplace Coventry, George was a teacher). They moved to Victoria City, British Columbia where in the 1921 Census they were living at Oakland Road with two children Thomas H. Anstey (b 1918) and David G. Anstey (b 1919) and two of Ruth‘s sisters (George was still a teacher). They also had a son Roger Anstey, and a daughter who married Martin Fowler. George Anstey died in 1966, buried at Royal Oak Burial Park, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada; his widow Ruth was buried with him in 1988. In the ‘Daily Colonist‘ on 1966-8-7 it states “ANSTEY RITES HELD: George Anstey, a man who a fellow teacher says ‘touched the lives of many boys’ died recently at 81. Mr Anstey migrated from Coventry England to Victoria in 1913 and founded the industrial education program in this area. Up till 16 years ago when he retired, he held the post of supervisor of Victoria School District. For a long time Mr Anstey was a director of evening high school here giving much of his time to handicapped people and their craftwork. He also held a number of offices at Emmanuel Baptist Church. Surviving are his widow at the family home 1245 Union, three sons Dr T. H. Anstey director of the Agricultural Science Station at Lethbridge Alta; David G. Anstey of the B. C. Division of adult education; Roger Anstey, an industrial arts teacher at Mount Newton High School and one daughter Mrs Martin Fowler of Victoria. Funeral services were held at Mccall Bros Sunday July 31 with Rev N. K. Archer officiating“);
  • Emily Anstey (b 1888, living with her family in the 1911 Census);
  • Frank Anstey (b 1893 – an Anstey Hero);
  • William James Anstey (b 1895 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Edith Annie Anstey (b 1897, living with her family in the 1911 Census); and
  • Hilda Anstey (b 1899, living with her family in the 1911 Census).

James Anstey (father) was a watchmaker in Coventry in the 1891 Census. In the 1911 Census the family were living at 63 Howard Street Coventry where James was an examiner of bearings – with them was his sister in law Maria Swinton. In 1918 James Anstey was still living at 63 Howard Street, Coventry.

William Henry Anstee (b 1862 Coventry)

William Henry Anstee was born in 1862 in Coventry (as ‘William Henry Anstey’ to mother ‘Hiorns’) to parents John Turner Anstey and Mary Ann Hirons – he is a member of the Potsgrove Anstees. He was baptised as a child in Bedworth on 25 January 1871. He married Ellen Parr in Leicester in 1881 and they had children in Leicester:

  • Florence Anstee (b 1882, married George William Taylor on 8 July 1900 in Leicester St George’s – alive in 1911);
  • Frances Lillian Anstee (b 1886, married Benjamin Sharp on 15 November 1903 – alive in 1911);
  • William Henry Anstee Junior (b 1895, a butchers errand boy in the 1911 Census);
  • Kate Anstee (b 1897, an apprentice bookbinder in the 1911 Census);
  • George Ernest [Edward] Anstee (b 1899, living with parents in the 1911 Census);
  • Thomas Harry Anstee (b 1907, living with parents in the 1911 Census); and
  • Faith Winifred [Lilly] Anstee (b 1908, living with parents in the 1911 Census)

In 1891 the family were at Elm Street, Leicester; In 1901 they were at 6, Colton Street, Leicester where William was a shoe rivetter. In the 1911 Census the family were living at 16 Richard St Leicester where William was a rivetter for a boot manufacturer.

John Anstee (b 1865 Bedworth)

John Anstee was born in 1865 in Bedworth to parents John Turner Anstey and Mary Ann Hirons – he is a member of the Potsgrove Anstees. In the 1881 Census he was a shoemaker living at Foleshill Union Workhouse with his family, who had fallen on hard times. He married Mary Ann Russell in Leicester in 1887 and they had children:

  • Mary Ann Anstee (b 1889 Kington, baptised at Leicester, St Mary de Castro on 18 October 1892. She was an unmarried shoe machinist in the 1911 Census living with the family);
  • John William Anstee (b 1890 Leicester – an Anstey Hero);
  • Harry Russell Anstee (b 1892 Leicester, baptised at Leicester, St Mary de Castro on 18 October 1892, died before 1897?);
  • Arthur Richard Anstee (b 1895 Leicester, living with the family in the 1911 Census);
  • Harold Anstee (b 1897 Leicester – an Anstey Hero);
  • Samuel Anstee (b 1898 Leicester, living with the family in the 1911 Census);
  • George Henry Anstee (b 1900 Leicester, living with the family in the 1911 Census);
  • Herbert Castledine Anstee (b 1902 Leicester, living with the family in the 1911 Census);
  • Alfred Anstee (b 1904 Leicester, living with the family in the 1911 Census); and
  • Clara Anstee (b 1907 Leicester, living with the family in the 1911 Census)

In the 1891 Census the family were living at Rowen Street, New Found Pool, Blaby, Leicestershire where John Anstee was a shoe riveter and his wife was a shoe binder. By 1892 they were living at Corah Street. By 1901 they were living at 20, Hawthorne Street, Leicester where John Anstee was a “shoe hand rubber down“. They were still there in the 1911 Census having had “ten children of which one had died by 1911“.

Hercules Anstee (b 1869 Bedworth)

Hercules Anstee was born in 1869 in Bedworth to parents John Turner Anstey and Mary Ann Hirons – he is a member of the Potsgrove Anstees. In the 1881 Census he was an inmate at Foleshill Union Workhouse with his family, who had fallen on hard times. He married Clara Wheatley in Leicester on 1 July 1891 however something rather bizarre occurred because in 1901 Clara Ansteemarried” was a housekeeper at 71, Jarrom Street, Leicester and Hercules had “remarried” to Emma Sharman (who he “married” in 1896 per the 1911 Census – though we cannot find that marriage. Hercules and Emma had children in Leicester:

In the 1911 Census Hercules was a shoe maker for a boot manufacturer living at 20 Spinner Street Leicester – they were still there in 1931.

Further Details on the Coventry Ansteys

#1. In the ‘1826 Coventry Suitors List‘ there were three ‘Ansteys’ listed, being James Ansty, Broadgate, Joseph Ansty Bishop Street, and Joseph Ansty, Cross Cheaping.

#2. Francis Albert Anstey and his family lived in Coventry in the 1920s and 1930s. However he is of the Birmingham Anstey sub-branch.

#3. Francis Anstey, known as Frank Anstey, who married Charlotte Price (b c1813) in Coventry, Holy Trinity in 1836 (both were resident of Coventry, Holy Trinity at the time) is patriarch of the Grand Rapids, Michigan Ansteys.

#4. For Ansteys in Foleshill, a suburb of Coventry, see the Foleshill Anstys

#5. William Ansty and Hannah lived in Coventry, having sons Henry Ansty (b 1819, baptised 30 August 1819 at Coventry St Michael) and Charles Ansty (b 1823, baptised 27 June 1823 at Coventry St Michael). Henry Anstey (son) died in 1835 aged 16, buried on 20 December 1835 in Coventry after “being killed by an accident on the Railroad near Whitley Common” the previous Friday according to the ‘Coventry Herald‘ 25 December 1835 edition.

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