Richard de Anstey and his Descendent Sub-Branch

Richard de Anstey, eldest son of Hubert de Anstey (the originator of our Anstey surname) and Agnes de Sackville, is probably the most famous Anstey ever to have lived. This is entirely because of a single piece of paper measuring around forty five by thirty centimeters which against staggering odds somehow survived intact from the 12th century to today, giving legal scholars invaluable insight into how Richard contested the famous ‘Anstey Case’ of the 12th century.

Richard de Anstey, the ‘Anstey Case’ and Richard’s descendant medieval sub-branch (which went Anstey-extinct in 1225) have been extensively researched by G. M. Anstey (Gary) and T. J. Anstey (Tom), the overseers and chief researchers of this ‘Anstey Story‘ project. They are comprehensively documented in Chapters Two to Four of their first co-authored book:

Anstey: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry

which is now in its third edition, and is available for purchase at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Singapore and Amazon Canada.

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