Hugh Anstee (SW 46)

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One‘ for much more on the Swanbourne Ansteys. In addition to biographies of various Anstey individuals who make up this sub-branch, the book contains a plethora of Anstey research and statistics, including an analysis of how the Swanbourne Ansteys fit into the pedigree descendent from Hubert de Anesti, the 12th century originator of the ‘Anstey’ surname.

SW 46. Hugh Anstee: He was born in 1871 in Mursley to father William Anstee (SW 40). In 1893 he died tragically – the ‘Bucks Herald‘ on 22 April 1893 reported “Soulbury: Extraordinary Fatality – Yesterday, just before going to press, we received information of a fatal accident which it seems occurred under extraordinary circumstances on Thursday afternoon at about one o clock in this parish. A labourer named Hugh Anstee, twenty one years of age, was working as a chaff cutter, which was being propelled by a horse on Winscott Farm. He was wearing a silk handkerchief round his neck, tied in a sailors knot, with the ends hanging down. Suddenly the spindle of the machine caught them, drawing the unfortunate man downwards with great violence. The horse was stopped as soon as possible and the deceased, who was wound up tightly by the machinery, was released but life was extinct. Mr Harris, surgeon of Leighton Buzzard, happened to be in the areas and on being called upon to see the deceased found that his neck was broken”.

Probate was to his mother Emma Sumerfield (SW 40)

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