John Anstey (DY 42)

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One‘ for much more on the Dyrham Ansteys. In addition to biographies of various Anstey individuals who make up this sub-branch, the book contains a plethora of Anstey research and statistics, including an analysis of how the Dyrham Ansteys fit into the pedigree descendent from Hubert de Anesti, the 12th century originator of the ‘Anstey’ surname.

DY 42. John Anstey: He was born in 1845 in Hanham, baptised 5 October 1845 at Hanham, Christ Church, to father Philip Anstey (DY 23). He went to America with his family in 1857 (see DY 23), however he had returned by 1861 when he was a labourer at the quarry in Keynesham. He was still living at home in 1871, living at Jefferies Hill and working as a labourer at a chemical works. He was still unmarried in 1891, living in Keynsham and working as a chemical labourer. In 1894 he was described as “John Anstey, late chemical worker, Jefferies Hill, Hanham“. He married Amelia Britton Bray in 1897 in Keynsham; they were living in Hanham in 1901. However Amelia died later in 1901, when they were living in Orchard Road Hanham and he was a shopkeeper. So he remarried Florence Emelia Andrews (b 1863 Bristol) in 1903 in Bristol. They had children in Hanham: 

  • John Langdon Anstey (b 1904, living with the family in 1921); 
  • Florence Amelia Anstey (b 1906, living with the family in 1921); and 
  • Mabel Eliza Anstey (b 1908, living with the family in 1921).

In the 1911 Census the family were living at 5 Orchard Road Hanham, Kingswood where he worked in a drapery establishment. They were still living there in 1921. He died in 1927 in Keynsham aged 82. The ‘Western Daily Press‘ on 20 January 1940 reported “DEATHS ANSTEY —January 19, 103. Lower Road, Hanham: Florence Emelia, the beloved wife of the late John Anstey, passed peacefully to Rest. Funeral, Tuesday, 3 p.m

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