Robert Anstee (EV 2)

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One‘ for much more on the Evenley Ansteys. In addition to biographies of various Anstey individuals who make up this sub-branch, the book contains a plethora of Anstey research and statistics, including an analysis of how the Evenley Ansteys fit into the pedigree descendent from Hubert de Anesti, the 12th century originator of the ‘Anstey’ surname.

EV 2. Robert Anstee: He was born in Evenley in c1795 (as he died in 1850 “aged 55“), baptised in 1805, to parents Charles Anstey (EV 1) and Mary Roberts. He married Anna Maria Griffiths in Gayton, Sulgrave in 1818 and they moved to Culworth, Brackley, having children in Sulgrave:

  • Elizabeth Anstee (b 1820, died in 1829);
  • John Anstee (EV 4 – b 1821);
  • Sarah Anstee (b 1827 – the ‘Banbury Guardian‘ on 24 May 1849 reported “Marriage: May 22 at Thenford Church Mr. Samuel Sharp, farmer and grazier, of Warmington, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Anstee, farmer, of Thenford Hill“);
  • Elizabeth Anstee (b 1829 – the ‘Bucks Herald’ on 3 December 1853 reported “Marriage: 22nd November at St Peter’s Church, Brackley, Mr. John Farmer, of Thorpe Mandevilie, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Mr. Robert Anstee, Thenford Hill, Northamptonshire.“);
  • George Anstee (EV 5 – b 1831);
  • Mary Adelaide Anstee (b 1836 – the ‘Northampton Mercury‘ 08 January 1859 reported “January 4th at St Peters Brackley, John, eldest son of Mr T. Bannard, Culworth, to Mary Adelaide, third daughter of the late Mr. R. Anstee, Thenford Hill, Northamptonshire“);
  • Emma Anstee (b 1836, was a “spinster of Brackley” in 1858 where her brother George died per above. She was still unmarried in 1861 living with her mother and brother Robert); and
  • Robert Anstee (EV 6 – b 1841).

When George Fleet died in c1835, Robert Anstee was a form of executor. The ‘Northampton Mercury‘ on 27 February 1836 reporting “All persons having any claim or demand on the estate of Mr George Fleet, late of Sulgrave deceased, are requested to deliver particulars therein to Mr Robert Anstee of Culworth, and all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to Mr Anstee.” The ‘Northampton Mercury‘ 04 March 1837 edition reported “Edward Wilcox and William Wilcox were charged with stealing four bushels of wheat, the property of Robert Anstee…[who] had a farm in Sulgrave..Mr Anstey compared the [stolen] wheat with his and had no doubt the former was his property” The jury disagreed saying the wheat samples were completely different and found the defendants not guilty.

Mr Robert Anstee, Culworth” was a member of the Brackley Association in 1838. Robert Anstee was a farmer in the 1841 Census – in 1841 “Enoch Abbott charged with stealing a sack, the property of Robert Anstee, Culworth“. In the ‘Northampton Mercury‘ on 18 October 1845 appears an advert for an auction of “A Most eligible FARM, in the parish of Sulgrave, now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Anstee; consisting of a good FARM HOUSE,Butcher’s Shop, stable, barns, hovels.and cow-house, &c, and about SIXTY-TWO ACRES of rich land, twenty of which are pasture. Mr Anstee’s bailiff will show the farm…

The ‘Banbury Guardian‘ 27 September 1849 reported “Benjamin Talbott, of Morton Pinkney, charged by R. Anstee, of Thenford, with stealing wheat, was discharged. The accused, and a man of the name of Wilson, of Morton Pinkney, were engaged in reaping for Mr. Anstee, in Sulgrave field, and, from information given by Mr. Wilson, Mr.Anstee junr., searched Talbott’e basket as he was leaving work in the evening, and that on his doing, he found about two gallons of wheat ears. Wilson now denied all knowledge of his having mentioned the circumstance to Mr. A.

On 3 August 1850 “Michael Larkin, a native of Ireland, charged with stealing a cap to the value of 2s. 6d., the property of Jas. Whitmore, horsekeeper to Mr. Anstee. of Thenford Hill farm.” Robert Anstee died later in 1850 – the ‘Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette‘ on 23 November 1850 reported “Nov. 18, after a severe affliction, borne with great patience, Mr. Robert Anstee, farmer, of Thenford Hill, aged 55, leaving a bereaved widow and family to lament their irreparable loss“. He was buried in Sulgrave.

In the ‘Northampton Mercury‘ 27 November 1858 appeared a notice “All persons having a claim on the estate of Mr Robert Anstee, late of Thenford Hill, Northampton, farmer…and all persons having a claim on the estate of Mr George Anstee (son of the above named Robert Anstee)

In the 1861 Census Ann Anstee (widow) was living with her younger children at High Street, St Peter, Brackley. In September 1861 “Anna Maria Anstey charged William Robbins of Brackley with entering a turnip field and taking a basket of turnips“.

Ann Maria died in 1866 – the ‘Bucks Herald‘ on 15 December 1866 reported “DEATHS. Anstee.—On the 2nd inst., at League-square, Hemel Hempstead, Ann Maria, relict of the late Mr. Robert Anstee, of Thenford Hill Farm, Banbury, aged 68 years

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