G. T. H. Anstie – Anstey Imposter!

Recently we uploaded onto the Pre-World War One Conflicts page the following appeal for help: G. T. H. Anstie Year: 1814; Regiment: 69th Regiment Of Foot; Rank: ‘Ensign’. We are currently struggling mightily to identify this gentleman, despite knowing his three initials. Anybody who can aid in this regard please contact us at research@theansteystory.com. Well yet againContinue reading “G. T. H. Anstie – Anstey Imposter!”

Another ‘Anstey Imposter’ slain!

There is a reference to a “Richard of Anstey” being married to Mabel in the 1250 ‘Henry III Fine Rolls’ which states: “24 May [1250]. Windsor. Because otherwise below. Mabel, who was the wife of Richard of Anstey, gives the king 300 m. for the custody of the lands and heirs of the same Richard,Continue reading “Another ‘Anstey Imposter’ slain!”

“Willelmus de Anestay” – Anstey Imposter

In ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘ we discuss ‘Anstey imposters‘ and how it is so important that we can successfully recognise and eliminate them from the medieval Anstey story. Sometimes this can be devilishly difficult to do, so we have provided many examples in Appendix Three (‘Notes for Medieval Anstey Researchers’)Continue reading ““Willelmus de Anestay” – Anstey Imposter”