The Juryhayes Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

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Overview of the Juryhayes Ansteys (Code ‘JU’)

The Juryhayes Ansteys are a sub-branch of the Washfield Ansteys, descendent from William Anstey the Elder (JU 1) who had moved to Juryhayes Farm in Tiverton by 1744 (though he probably owned it as early as 1731). His ‘Anstey’ descendants lived in the farm for just over two centuries until it was sold by William Anstey Hebditch (his great x 3 grandson) in 1946 (see JU 17).

To the best of our research, this sub-branch is currently hanging on by a genealogical thread, with only a small handful of ‘Anstey’ members alive today, all of whom belong to either the Timaru, New Zealand sub-branch or the Johannesburg, South Africa sub-branch (all other Juryhayes Anstey lines to our knowledge having gone Anstey-extinct).

Further Details on the Juryhays Ansteys

#1. Many of the Juryhayes Ansteys were involved in the Church as preachers – the ‘Shepton Mallet Journal‘ 05 November 1886 noting “As long ago as 1688 the Ansteys of Jurishayes were well known as leading Puritans in a Puritanic District and some of this family suffered about that time for conscience’ sake

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