Thomas Anstey (AY 4)

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One‘ for much more on the Aynho Ansteys. In addition to biographies of various Anstey individuals who make up this sub-branch, the book contains a plethora of Anstey research and statistics, including an analysis of how the Aynho Ansteys fit into the pedigree descendent from Hubert de Anesti, the 12th century originator of the ‘Anstey’ surname.

AY 4. Thomas Anstey : (born 1778 presumably in Aynho and presumably to parents Richard Anstey (AY 2) and Mary Elliott) married Ann Spencer (b 1775) in 1805 in Hinton in the Hedges. They returned to Aynho and had children:

  • Jane Anstey (b 1813);
  • Thomas Ansty (b 1815, died in 1818);
  • Elizabeth Anstey? (b 1816, living in Aynho in 1841)
  • James Ansty (b 1817, died in 1818)
  • Francis Anstey? (see below)

Ann died in 1817 in Aynho, so Thomas remarried Elizabeth (probably Elizabeth Chamberlain in 1819 in Preston Capes, Byfield, Northamptonshire), having children:

Thomas died in 1834 in Aynho. After his demise, his widow Elizabeth and their children decided to take advantage of a scheme in which a wealthy Aynho landlord called William Cartwright had offered to pay for around sixty farm labourers to emigrate to the colonies (this was not a particularly charitable gesture, it was more a practical measure to rid the overseers of the parish of the problem of what to do with the poor). “Francis Ansty his wife and two children” were on the list, heading for Pilkington and Nichol townships in Wellington County, Ontario, Canada in 1845, though we lose track of them after this. Also on the list was “Charlotte Ansty”, who we have independently confirmed emigrated to New York, America in 1845 on the ship ‘James T. Ford’. Even though not on the list, their eldest son James (b 1819) also headed for the colonies, probably taking advantage of the offer, arriving in St Albans, Vermont in America by 1846.

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