Hubert (II) de Anstey and the 1196 Siege of Aumale Castle

We know that Hubert (II) de Anstey, son of Richard de Anstey, fought in the 1196 Siege of Aumale Castle, and whilst researching for the fourth edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘ we have found an entry which can shed further light into this matter. However, we are the first to admit that Latin translation is not our greatest asset, hence if anybody can improve on our current effort please contact us at

The original Latin is:

Ebor: Hubertus de Anesti appellat Rogerus filium Mabille quod, dum fuit in servitio domini regis in castello de Alba Marlia et ei commiserat cum Gerardo Lenveise manerium de Scozewal custodiendum, venit ipse Rogerus cum vi sua et fregit ostia domorum et grangiorum suorum et catalla sua asportavit et cepit septiesdecies xx. oves suas et illas abduxit nequiter et in visu suo. Idem Hubertus appellat Adam de Secevall de vi illa et societate et Robertum Warin. Et Rogerus venit et defendit de verbo in verbum sicut burgensis de Scardeburg; et petit libertatem de Scardeburg; et Hugo Bard petit inde burgi de Scardeburg. et Hubertus dicit quod non fuit tunc temporis burgensis quando ei commisit custodiam ville sue , set tunc fuit nativus suus et esse debet; et de hoc ponit se super visneto. Dies datus est eis in adventu justiciariorum : et sint interim sub plegiis suis

Our current best translation is

York: Hubert de Anesti calls Roger the son of Mabille that, while he was in the service of the lord king in the castle of Alba Marlia and her wicked action with Gerardo Lenveise manor of Scozewal , comes, he Roger with the force of their own and broke the doors of the houses and grange and took seventy cattle and sheep of their families and those abducted wickedly and in his view. Hubert also calls Adam de Sackville of the force she and the society and Robert Warin. And Roger comes and defends word by word as resident of Scarborough; and asks for the freedom of Scarborough; and Hugh Fence requests from the borough of Scarborough. and Hubert says that she was not at that time resident when him entrusted to the custody of the town , but then it was elemental and it should be; and of this he puts himself upon the venue. The day is given to them in the coming justice : and are meanwhile under pledge their


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