Success! Lieutenant T. C. R. Anstey World War One Hero

It was less than 24 hours after we posted on this website project an appeal for help in identifying the gentleman countersigning a postcard in Egypt in 1915 during World War One that an eagle eyed Anstey researcher contacted us to inform us that it was Lieutenant Thomas Christopher Ralph (T. C. R.) Anstey of the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry. Many thanks to Julia for this information.

A little bit of further research has allowed us to connect Thomas Christopher Ralph Anstey to the Bampton Anstey sub-branch, and we have now uploaded his biography to the World War One Roll of Honour. Anybody who has information they would like to add to this biography, please contact us at

Anybody who has researched their Anstey ancestors’ wartime heroics in World War One (1914-1918) and wishes for their (original) findings to be uploaded to the Anstey story project website, please contact Similarly, anybody who has any old documents or correspondence mentioning Ansteys, feel free to send them to us, and we will do our best to identify them.


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